Law firm Vetrov and partners

1. Our firm.

The company was established on 2011. Today the firm has more than 10 attorneys based in Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk (Western and Eastern Siberia, Russia). We support our clients in all spheres of Russian law throughout Russia, the CIS and also internationally through partnership networks with leading local law firms in all major capital markets and jurisdictions. We have accumulated considerable practical experience based on a profound understanding of all the nuances of Russia’s legal realities, social, economic and political developments, the local culture and the mentality and insight expectations of ours clients.

The main practice areas of the firm include: dispute resolution and mediation; intellectual property and trademarks; legal support for different projects. Our attorneys come from a variety of backgrounds: a significant number can leverage over 5-8 years experience and worked for leading firms of different sectors of the economy before joining our team.The firm employs the best graduates from the leading Russian law institutes, who have had to undergo a multiple-step selection process, attesting to the stringent criteria set by our law firm, and have excellent knowledge and experience. Drawing on these resources we guarantee our ability to staff even the most complex transactions with top  professionals at short notice. Our integrated approach to issue resolution guarantees compre-hensive assessment and support for any project and enables us to provide our clients with top-class services at all times.

2. Our services.

2.1. Legal support. We offer different forms of legal support, including the document review, consulting, drafting of documents.

2.2. Intellectual property. We offer our clients a full set of IP protection services, including the registration of IP rights with the proper authorities, negotiation of the licensing of rights or their transfer to third parties and defence of the IP rights of our clients before the Russian Patent and Trade Mark Office, other government agencies and in particular in courts.

2.3. Dispute resolution. We offer the full range of litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution services. Our experience, knowledge and achievements in the field of arbitration, litigation found recognition in various Russian companies.We advise on the full range of disputes, including repossession actions, obtaining injunctive relief, en-forcing judgments, differences of contractual interpretation.We react quickly to minimise disruption, get to the root of the problem and use our extensive experi-ence to help our clients achieve a positive outcome.

3. Why choose our law firm?

a) Highly professional: a team of experienced and versatile professionals who can both provide answers to routine questions and successfully tackle highly demanding tasks. Our professional achievements, the trust of our clients go to prove that. 

b) Stable: a law firm that has established traditions and fosters long-lasting and fruitful coopera-tion, as demonstrated by our strong team of professionals, wide range of regular clients and financial reliability. 

c) Client-orientated: advisors and attorneys attentive to our clients’ needs help lighten their load. This is proved by our high standard of service and commitment to the timely identification of problems and to solving them.

d) Cost-efficient: our rates match the results we deliver. Our clients know from experience that the benefits greatly exceed our fees; our rates compare favourably with those offered by firms of a similar calibre. 

e) Respected: lawyers who will not take on shady cases or deal with suspicious clients. Our cli-ents can be confident that we do not enter into any bargains with their competitors or submit to “persuasion” by the authorities. Our procedural opponents prefer to play fair with us.


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