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Taxation problems are always essential for all of us. Due to this fact disagreements between a taxpayer and government structures are a common thing. Unfortunately it is not always possible to prevent these issues on a tax planning and (or) tax optimization stage. 

Especially if we acknowledge that tax computation procedure gradually becomes more complex whilst legal rules that regulate tax relations tend to become more and more sophisticated. It is also wise to remember that tax authorities have prescribed plans for number of bodies made accountable as well as for the number of detected violations etc.

In these cases tax disputes arise.

Types of tax disputes:

1) Disputes that challenge the validity of tax authority’s orders;

2) Disputes that acknowledge a tax authority’s order non-implementable;

3) Disputes tied to refunds from federal budget including cases of direct debit by a tax authority;

4) Disputes tied to taxpaying procedures and sanctions (tax evasion);

5) Other disputes.

Taking into account official statistics shows that number of cases lost by tax authorities is considerably high. For some concerned parties the fact that professional level of the tax authority employees is mediocre and tax inspections are usually of low quality is a good enough reason to bring its tax dispute to court. Especially if it was preceded by a proper determination of tax dispute’s court perspectives.

This is why we offer services in tax practices. We know what to do and how to do. You can confirm that yourself by studying content on our website titled “How to survive a tax inspection” with 51 advice for each taxpayer. 

We are also ready to help you with understanding of Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA tax law.

We also offer the following legal services:

1) Business support;
2) Intellectual property protection;
3) Trial management;
4) Corporate practices;
5) Real estate.

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